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The initiative

Restart the world is a worldwide campaign launched by BNI during 2020. BNI aims to bring accurate information and growth practices to support the global and local business communities.

Why should I participate

Because your time is valuable and you need accurate information, solidarity, local & global connections in order to follow your business growth plans.

How do I participate?

Register and participate for free. Create your profile today and receive information about the content, so that you prepare yourself for the future of business and personal growth.

How about networking?

There is not BNI without networking.

Take advantage of our 2 week free one to one scheduler and plan your appointments with Greek members and participants of the event. Explore the event networking area

Will it be a zoom call?

Nope! Our conference will be a live broadcast of our BNI studio in Athens- Greece, full of … well… virtual sunshine, and our presenters from around the world. A content made specifically for the business owner of the world.

Who is the organizer?

BNI Greece is the host of the event, the production company is Amuse, and the research has been realized in close collaboration with Focus-Bari, a market research agency.

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Do you want to participate in our survey?

Please press here.

The results of the research will be discussed at Restart the World conference by our speakers.

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